Monday, May 11, 2009

My new little sister, Bubble (Part 2)

Yippy! come back blogging...sorry for a long long time, i didn't continue my blog about my new sister...(tell ur pals, it was because of my mommy...asked her to take bubble's photos, always said that she was busy...sigh!) Okay...come back to our topic, my sister, Bubble...She is doing fine now, but.... she is real troublemaker! pity mommy....everytime, she has to clean her messes that she makes. Bubble always and always takes the washable wee wee pad out from the tray. Not only that, she will happily rub her back to those wee wee pad which contains pee from us...yuckzzzzzzzz! mommy scolds her and punishes her, but she will do it again and again...and she always does it when mommy and daddy are sleeping or away for classes...Gee! Such as spoilt girl who makes my mommy suffered!
Lately, i went to visit my doctor at vet because my skin near eyes-part was infected by bacteria...i listen the doctor said it was a bite...yeah yeah, for sure is Bubble! who else would bite me when i was sleeping...*sweat*. Mommy is so kind and lovely, she applies my infected area by cream and now i need to eat those yucky pills and other medications...-.-" Luckily, it's getting better...
Mommy: It's okay, teedoo...forgive ur day, when she is adult, she will understand more about what should and shouldn't do...
Teedoo: mommy..........i don't want to eat those medication anymore *crying*
Mommy: It's okay my boy...don't cry, it's okay...*hugging*
As i am good boy like mommy said (YES, YOU ARE MOMMY'S GOOD BOY!) I will show you some of her photos taken by my daddy...enjoy pals!

Teedoo: Mommy, see! Bubble disturbs pino again!
Bubble: i will bite ur tail one day!*evil-laugh*
Mommy: hey, leave pino alone!