Monday, May 11, 2009

My new little sister, Bubble (Part 2)

Yippy! come back blogging...sorry for a long long time, i didn't continue my blog about my new sister...(tell ur pals, it was because of my mommy...asked her to take bubble's photos, always said that she was busy...sigh!) Okay...come back to our topic, my sister, Bubble...She is doing fine now, but.... she is real troublemaker! pity mommy....everytime, she has to clean her messes that she makes. Bubble always and always takes the washable wee wee pad out from the tray. Not only that, she will happily rub her back to those wee wee pad which contains pee from us...yuckzzzzzzzz! mommy scolds her and punishes her, but she will do it again and again...and she always does it when mommy and daddy are sleeping or away for classes...Gee! Such as spoilt girl who makes my mommy suffered!
Lately, i went to visit my doctor at vet because my skin near eyes-part was infected by bacteria...i listen the doctor said it was a bite...yeah yeah, for sure is Bubble! who else would bite me when i was sleeping...*sweat*. Mommy is so kind and lovely, she applies my infected area by cream and now i need to eat those yucky pills and other medications...-.-" Luckily, it's getting better...
Mommy: It's okay, teedoo...forgive ur day, when she is adult, she will understand more about what should and shouldn't do...
Teedoo: mommy..........i don't want to eat those medication anymore *crying*
Mommy: It's okay my boy...don't cry, it's okay...*hugging*
As i am good boy like mommy said (YES, YOU ARE MOMMY'S GOOD BOY!) I will show you some of her photos taken by my daddy...enjoy pals!

Teedoo: Mommy, see! Bubble disturbs pino again!
Bubble: i will bite ur tail one day!*evil-laugh*
Mommy: hey, leave pino alone!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My new little sister, Bubble (Part 1)

5th April 2009, I felt something went wrong, My mommy woke up very early and put me on my travel-bag. We directly went to vet, had some check up about my skin. Then, they kept talking about when "they" arrived. Who were the "they"! I was so curious. At 11.00a.m, my mommy rushed to go to Jusco. She said "they" waited us there... So, i kept quite and waited patiently inside my bag...i wondered also who was the they... My mom kept sending message through the black-square-tiny thing (I hate this stuff, it will ring so loud to wake up me and my mom from sleeping...-.-").
After a while, we stopped front of Melaka-mall (just fronf of jusco). We still waited...and then, a guy came out from his car walked to my mom and dad's car...My mom rushed open the car's window...and they talked about where we would go, they decided we would go back to my home.
Arrived to my home, i saw little tiny gal carried by aunty...she was so cuteeee....we went to mommy's room (place where me and pino stays), mommy put me down and those good persons also put the little girl down. So, since they kept talk and ignored me, i went to kacau the small girl. They (the mommy's friends) also got play with me and pino. I was so happy that time. Oh yes, the little girl also have peed on mommy's room -.-"
After about 1 hour, mommy's friend seemed like wanna leave...EEIII!!!! they forgot to bring the little girl whose name is Bubble... i tried to tell them but then, my mommy petted my head and said: "take care of ur sister ok! Mommy go down for awhile". What!!! My sister??? this little gal??? It was too unbelieveable...I kept observe her...sniffed her from head to tail...ERmmm... Not bad to become my sister (XD)...Wouw pals, My little sister learned so fast. In 2 days, she knows how to pee and poo inside cage already...Yup!! ofcourse, im the one who teaches her... Mommy is so proud of me and keeps kissing me even until now...hehehehe...Well pals, are you curious of how she looks like?? wait the part 2 okay...
Mommy : Teedoo, come take a shower...after that Bubble also ok...
Teedoo: So pals, see u then..ciaoooo

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My first blog

Hellou bloggers!!... This is my first blog. So let me introduce my self and my lovely family
Hi, im Theodore...but my mom usually calls me teedoo... xD...i was bought by my mom about 1 year ago from one of seller at Subang Jaya...
Oh, almost forgotten, I'm a maltese...and I'm male...I was born on 21st February 2008...

When i was 3 months plus

When i was 5 months plus
I'm staying with my mommy, my daddy, my big brother Alex, and my other younger brothers...Bolt and Pino
Let me introduce with all of you my brothers...
1. ALEX- He is the 1st kid of my mommy and daddy, and ofcourse my biggest bro...GOSH! he is a troublemaker....and a big big spoiled guy...i love playing with him but in the same time, i'm scared to be stepped by him...sigh...He was born on 26th December 2007..My mommy always said that he was a christmas gift from God to our family...He is about 40kg..*faint*...

Alex was 8 weeks old

Spoiled guy!


Alex: Teedoo, im gonna lick ur bu##
Teedoo: Mommy.... -.-"
2. Bolt-He is adopted by mommy and daddy..I dont like him as he is super-aggressive type but me myself is gentle type. I always growl at him as he always come near me...sigh...

I only manage to upload 1 of his photo...hate him...loooool.

See how annoyed he is...growl*
But, Alex loves him a lot...they always sleep together...
3. Pinokio-lastly, my lovely younger brother pinokio or pino...
He is so tiny...He is 3 months plus.
Pino is my roommate, but mom, always put him at his cozy cage when mommy is not around as she is scared i will step or hurt pino...How come i will hurt my little bro...sigh

Mommy: Pino is only 1 kg, and as big as mommy's palm. You play with him so rough, sure mommy scared u will hurt him...
Teedoo: -.-"
Mommy: U always tear his wee wee pad becomes pieces, dun u??
Teedoo: -.-""....sstt...dun listen to mommy ok, she is liar...
Mommy: Teedoo, u think mommy dun listen what u have said!
Teedoo: (run away)...
Ok pals, as my mommy is trying to catch me so i have to say sayonara 1st...see u... xD

Mommy: See how small pino